When you are pressured or stressed, what do people see? Something life-giving? Something depressing? Something that empowers or motivates others? When we are pressured, what seeps out of our lives sadly is what we fill our lives with. If we rely on ourselves, what comes out is rarely pretty. The apostle Paul says that a spiritually healthy person will be characterized by the fruit of the spirit. Cultivating those nine fruits—and moving beyond unhealthy aspects of our life—is our focus for our Lenten series this year. Join us.

March 6:  ASH WEDNESDAY—From Self-Indulgence to Self-Control  
Daniel 1:1-21; Mark 1:12-13    

March 10:  From Inconstancy to Faithfulness  
    Lamentations 3:22-23; Matthew 24:14-30

March 17:  From Indifference to Kindness  
    Titus 3:3-11, Ephesians 4:25-32

March 24:  From Restlessness to Patience  
    Colossians 1:10-11; 3:12-13

March 31:  From Our Selfishness to Goodness  
    Psalm 51:1-12; Mark 10:17-22   

April 7:  From Imperviousness to Gentleness  
  Proverbs 15:1-4; 1 Peter 3:13-19

April 14:  PALM SUNDAY—From Stress to Peace  
    Psalm 119:165; John 14:25-31; Mark 11:1-10

April 19:  GOOD FRIDAY—From Fear to Love 9  
    1 Corinthians 13:4-13; John 3:16-21

April 21:  EASTER—From Sin to Joy  
    Isaiah 35:10; Philippians 4:4, 8-9; John 20:11-18